The official launch of E.F.A.S.E will take place on next 2 & 3 May 2024 in New York City – USA with the first worldwide presentation of The RING, its first-of-its-kind creation of disruptive object, fully made in France in respect of exceptional handmade know-how and design manufacturing.

The FRENCH ART DE VIVRE exhibition will gather French companies of furnishing and decoration sector which will present their exclusive products to purchasers and professionals.

This exhibition will be dedicated to premium, high-end and luxury brands, valorizing their know-how in a unique location at the French Residence in New York.


E.F.A.S.E universe belongs to excellence and absolute & exclusive customization.

E.F.A.S.E is a universe of exceptional and disruptive products, offering to exclusive clients a custom-made experience in the selection of materials and color shades of leather, to make each of its creation a unique object.

The design of products is made in Aisne, France, where are located our leather upholstery “Ateliers”, with a full manufacturing in Sarthe, France.

All E.F.A.S.E creations are based on luxury standards and rules of design, with a development offering high-quality of manufacturing, respecting a perfect sense of detail.

Our objects are designed to respond to challenging requests, with innovation, uniqueness and disruption at the core of each creation.

Each object is made on request only, with a specific attention to every finishing detail realized by our expert artisans. Our creations, throughout a unique process of creation with the client, are shaped to be entirely tailor-made.

E.F.A.S.E objects combine design and art skills, valorizing multiple specific artisanal works and techniques applied “in the rules of Art”.

Our philosophy: creating beauty that can bring pleasure and sustainability.


The RING is a creation combining a unique design in a game-table of Baby-soccer with a double-use offering a final creation as a signature furniture.

Its conception is based on a monolithic and self-supporting chassis, in line with rare and disruptive objects, fully customizable, offering the best of a high-class Baby-soccer with the design and quality of an aesthetic furniture, reflecting the spirit of a 1940s jewel.

As an exceptional product, The RING is personalized in terms of type of finishing, colors of finishing, notably with an exclusive leather-wrapped or using exotic skins, on request and order.

The RING’s tray, offering an easy transformation of the game-table in Art & design furniture, can also be personalized with specific colors, wood species or fully leather-covered or with even leather marquetery work.


E.F.A.S.E symbolizes a universe of exception, by its disruptive approach of its creations and the unique care brought to their design and manufacturing.

To make each RING a unique piece of artwork, E.F.A.S.E selects rigorous and precise manufacture processes. This state-of-mind is also present in the willingness to propose customizable products, with high-standard materials and the possibility to create exclusive leather colors, colors of finishing and appearance effects.

The materials used for leather trims are skins and pieces of leather responding to the highest quality standards, “free chrome” certified and with the possibility to create a unique and absolutely exclusive leather color, on request.

The same process is leading E.F.A.S.E offer of painting and cover finishing, all epoxy and thus out-door resistant, with the possibility to create a unique color as well.

Wood essences offered for the reverse use of The RING, transforming the creation into a design furniture, are multiple. Each request can be made with rare and precious wooden materials.


Manufacturing of the RING

The base of the lift is made on a monolithic and self-supporting chassis in stainless steel.

The game-table is fully hand-made, with traditional woodwork techniques, in poplar tree from France.

The goals boxes are made in stainless steel as well as the game bars and players, with a high-strength metallic finishing.

The bottom of the game-table is made with the same wood material as used for the base of the lift.

The cover in option, to make The RING become a unique piece of artwork furnishing, is made following traditional manufacturing rules of French carpentry.

Concerning the quality of painting, our manufacturing techniques deserve a high level of caution, as for lacquer use.


Customization & Finishing

The RING : a custom-ordered production.

The base of the lift’s finishing are tailor-made, with a hand-made painting process and a choice of 2 500 colors references, with the possibility to order a unique and customizable color. Those epoxy paintings, mat or metalized, are out-door resistant.

The game-table covering can be made in hand-made painting finishing or leather work, with a “free chrome Healthy Leather” certified material. Here as well, the possibility of creating a unique leather color is yours.

The Covering can be manufactured in traditional wood, with a selection of different wood essences, assembled in brushed aluminum, in full “free chrome” leather or in leather marquetery.


*More than 2500 colors references available with possibility for exclusive color.

Dimensions & Weight of The RING


The RING is delivered in a wood and entirely foamed protection box.


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Length 1536 mm - width 1140 mm - height 1002 mm

Weight 308 lbs

Cover du Ring

 The RING Cover is delivered in a wood and entirely foamed protection box.

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Length 1600 mm - width 1200 mm - height 165 mm

Weight around 94 lbs

Exemples of Cover & Leather Finishing


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